“Journeys with a Gratiot Cemetarian” 4.2: Maynard R. Starry, WW II Veteran, Emerson Township Cemetery


Maynard Ray Starry was born July 14, 1926 to Charles and Iva Starry of St. Louis, Michigan. His father was a barber and Maynard grew up in a family with six other siblings. On December 6, 1944, almost three years to the date that the United States entered World War II, Maynard left with a group of 30 men from Gratiot County to enter the service. From that group he was one of ten that entered the Navy. During the war he served in the United States Navy Seabees. After the war, he remained a resident of the area for 70 years. He served as Director of Public Utilities in St. Louis in 1978 and retired  from Bay City as Peaking Plant Superintendent.  Maynard also served as a member of the St. Louis Fire Department for approximately 25 years. Maynard also returned to school and was one of the first graduates of the St. Louis Community Education program and received his high school diploma in 1971. He and his wife Ruby had eleven children. Maynard passed away on October 16, 1996 and is buried in Emerson Township Cemetery.  Maynard R. Starry is one of many Gratiot County men and women who served their county, state and nation during a time of war.


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