Thirty Who Dared to Serve Gratiot County in the World War – Part 28: E.M. Ewen, “I Served Gratiot County, and I am Something of a Mystery”


Above: E.M. Ewen’s name as it appears on the Gratiot All Wars Memorial in Ithaca, Michigan.

        E.M. Ewen was born August 25, 1890, in Derryfield,  Wexford County, Michigan. To E.E. and Addie Ewen and they resided at 223 Prospect Street in Alma during the war. It is possible that the family moved here because his father purchased the dry cleaning plant in Alma in 1916. However, the man who did this was known as E.W. McEwen in newspapers, which presents a question. Was the last name Ewen or McEwen?

        Even more perplexing is finding much else about the life of E. M. Ewen.  He did marry a Helen Williard in 1911 in Alma, and the couple did have a son named Gordon. Ewen was also a bookkeeper before the war. After entering the military,  he joined a camp in Alabama in 1918, which is where he died in April 1919. It is not known where he was buried.

       Beyond this information, nothing else is known about E.M. Ewen – a young man who served Gratiot County and who died during the World War.

At his death, E.M. Ewen was 27 years old.

Copyright 2018 James M Goodspeed

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